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what chapter are we gonna talk about today, gang? what's it? what is it? begins with e. energy. how many people feel energy? how many people wish they had more? we'll be talking about such thing now. but before we talk about energy, i wanna talk about something that is somewhat related. we talked before about the idea of momentum. remember momentum? momentum is inertia in motion. and how do you get something moving if it's not moving? how do you change the momentum of something? you push on it, and you provide what's called an impulse. impulse, right? impulse is not only force. it's not how hard you push only that will tell you how much momentum change you'll get. it's how long you push. and we talked about how long in terms of time, didn't we? we said force multiplied by time would be numerically equal to. you multiply the force that you exert on something, huh? multiply it by the time that you exert on something, you get a numerical quantity. and that quantity is exactly equal to, not the momentum, but the change in momentum that you produce by pushing, huh? and so we talked about
these scientists are working on. >> the more energy you can put in the battery, the cheaper the battery pack is. we have tried to reduce the cost of a battery pack by storing more energy into the battery itself. >> at the argon lab, the u.s. government plans to invest $129 to create smaller, more powerful batteries. the technology behind the battery for the chevy volt was developed here. >> it is a global environment. sodalities in the u.s. can be made available to countries like india and bangladesh almost immediately. >> the goal is to extend battery life to 10 or 15 years within this decade. because the battery is the engine of the electric car and a big part of the cost, that would cut prices and pollution levels around the world. alice everett, illinois. al jazeera reporting from illinois. >> u.s. country music star mindy mccready was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. in recent years if she received attention for a troubled family life after getting a string of hits in the 1990's. 300,000 children working illegally in mexico in the fields that provide produced for dinne
. you're tired, you get energy, ba-bam, you're hitting that bag, hitting bag. and you're saying, "--i hit this bag all day long, tirelessly. "okay, i'm in shape. "and all i gotta do is nine minutes, friday night? whoo, no problem." and friday night come. and at the end of the first three minutes, you go back to your corner and-- [makes panting] --you are tired. and you can't understand why, because in the gym, you can hit the bag all day long. and first three minutes, boom. what's going on? at the time i thought it was an audience thing, that you're more tense 'cause all these people are looking at you. and that was my feeling. and my thing was then, well, pretend i'm not there and just do the best you can, okay? psych yourself up. and later on when i get into physics, i say, "hey, son of a gun, i know what's going on." do you guys see what's going on? when you're in a gym, you hit it bag with-- boom. you put a lot of momentum-- crunch. that momentum stops. what stops it? the bag. the bag. the bag provides the impulse to stop the momentum of the punch. yes. now, opening night comes an
egyptian pharaohs responded with unparalleled creative energy in their quest for immortality - from the magnificent statuary, elaborate burial masks, to the golden sarcophagus from tutankhamen's tomb, the visitor is struck by the egyptian response to death. of course, for most people, the pyramids of giza are ancient egypt. through the burial tombs for three pharaohs - a father, son, grandson trio who reigned during the 26th century before the common era - an egyptian pyramid provides an excellent example of the axis mundi - the center of the cosmos. the pyramid signifies that connection between the visible and invisible worlds. crouching below the three pyramids, with its inscrutable cheshire cat smile is the sphinx. the sphinx served as a funereal complex for the elaborate preparation of the dead for the entombment in the pyramids. indeed, the fragility of life ignites questions about meaning, purpose, and in the case of the ancient egyptians, created a civilization characterized by extraordinary grandeur and religious imagination. but have things changed today? no. death can come
, the torques will be the same and the kids get balanced. this is different than the equation we used for energy although it looks the same. and when we talk about work, is force time distance? but in that case, the distance was always the distance along the direction of the force. in this case, for torques it's always the distance perpendicular to the force. see that? here is a leverage distance. in other words the distance the force moves. so some people get confused and say, wait a minute, i've seen that equation before, but different distance. we can say, this is the perpendicular distance or the perpendicular component of force along the distance, either way. but i think we all know about this. let's suppose this kid goes home and someone takes his place. and it's a great, big, heavy set kid. can a heavy set kid play with a little skinny kid on the same seesaw? yeah. and you all know from experience, yes. a heavy kid can do it. and what the heavy kid does-- the heavy kid sits in here and the kids can still play. the kids can still play because who is providing the larger torque? the heavy k
energy. it would provide rebates to consumers to offset potential price hikes by fossil fuel companies. senator sanders and boxer touted the bill at a news conference wednesday. what's the major focus of this legislation is a price on carbon and methane emissions. the fee on the larger fossil fuel polluters in effect last than 3000 entities nationwide, but covers 85% of the u.s. greenhouse gas emissions according to congressional research service. this legislation in the fossil fuel subsidies and protection committed these by requiring that fracking operations comply with the say tricking water act and disclose the chemicals they use. >> the proceeds will create jobs, many jobs, and the rest of the proceeds will reduce the deficit. so the sanders-boxer bill reduces carbon pollution and climate disruption while creating jobs and reducing the deficit. if ever there was a win/win/win, this bill is a win/win/win. >> the largest climate change rally ever is expected in the capital on sunday. in the u.s. house, a team of bi- partisan lawmakers has introduced a bill to prohibit the use of arm
, and a heavy dependence on russia for trade and energy. these are issues that were hardly touched on in any of the campaigns. >> it has been five years since cozumel broke away from serbia. celebrations took place, but problems like poverty and corruption remain rampant in europe's newest day. ♪ >> the march was small but significant. officially the constitution limits security forces to emergency response, but in front of the invited ranks of international diplomats and dignitaries in military uniforms, the inclusion of special forces units sent a deliberate message. this is a fledgling army in all but name. the significance was not lost on the crowds. >> i know it will not be repeated, the war, but if anything happens i know we are safe and we have our army. i am extremely proud. >> veterans of the conflict of the 1990s -- a country now trying to draw a line and move forward. >> we are building a new vision for our country and people, a vision of an international future. >> the famous newborn monument was unveiled on the first independence day five years ago. it has been repainted, with
, california, with the same energy in identifying the problems there and creating a community, and giving the kids alternatives to violent behavior and making them understand that being-- that violence is not an ok way of life. and i think that's where the future is. when the medical community begins to deal with an epidemic, it looks for ways to treat those who have been affected and for ways to prevent the disease from spreading. astrid heger: there's two groups of children that we certainly see here and that we're treating. one group are the children who are direct victims of an assault against them, then tre's anothebig gr of kids th we're seeing he in thiprogram and that is the children that are exposed to violence. and we are-- regardless of whether they've ever been hit, whatever, we are engaged in a preventive program with them, immediately when they've been identified that they're in a violent environment. so if their mother's been hit-- we have a number of children here who've witnessed their siblings killed by caretakers, et cetera-- all of those children get an extensive preve
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)

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